My May 2021 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to my May newsletter 

May is my favourite month of the year. Everything is so fresh and green and it’s great to see the trees slowly unfurling their leaves. The hedges are full of primroses and violets and the bluebells are just coming out. Most people seem to have walked more in the last year due to the Coronavirus and we are no exception. The bonus now, of course,  is the chance of a coffee or a pub lunch, which makes a long walk that much more attractive. I recently walked from Bishops Tawton to the centre of Barnstaple with a friend. We walked along the riverbank to the Albert Clock, where we normally turn around and make our way back along the other side of Rock Park. However, we suddenly wondered if the “Tea on the Taw” Restaurant might be open and to our delight it was. We sat at table in the sun and enjoyed a toasted teacake and a coffee and it felt almost like a holiday.  Takes so much less to please us these days!

Walk of the Month
People seem to enjoy my blogs about the walks I do, so I will probably make this a regular feature of my newsletter. This is a link to one of my favourite walks, right here in the village where I live. If you like beautiful scenery and bluebells you will love this one:…/ 
I posted this blog on a couple of Facebook pages recently and it encouraged several people to up to my mailing list to receive my newsletter. As they will have already seen this walk, I am including a second one this time. This is one from Landkey to Swimbridge and I hope you enjoy it:

My Writing News

Interview with Author Sophy Layzell

In my last newsletter I posted a link to a blog written by the author Sophy Layzell about me. We interviewed each other and it was an interesting experience. Sophy has written a science fiction novel called “Measure of Days” and will be publishing her second book in the series soon. This is a link to my interview with Sophy, which I hope you enjoy:

Third Book in The Hartford Manor Series
The third book is progressing, I promise, albeit slowly. Having written the book and edited it twice on the computer screen, I’ve now printed it out and it’s amazing the number of errors that jump out when it’s on paper. I still can’t decide on a title, though I have a list of about twenty possibles. My daughter-in-law Laura has come up with a lovely cover and I thought I’d ask what you all think? Does it blend in well with the first two books of the series, or should I think again? Should the colours be a little lighter? I’d love to hear what you think so feel free to drop me an email. Those of you who have read the first two books will notice the new cover features an old man. Yes, it is Sam and part of the book continues his story.

Special Offers Available in May

“The Angel Maker” ebook will be FREE on Amazon from 14 May to 18 May.

If you think any of your family or friends would enjoy reading “The Angel Maker” now would be a good time to take advantage of this deal which is available here:

Oh, and please tell them I’d love it if they left a short review – even one line is helpful. I’ve heard Amazon only promote books if the book has more than 50 reviews so every one helps.

A Virtual Holiday
In the absence of the real thing, I thought it might be nice to have a look at somewhere hot and sunny that I once visited on holiday. Maybe you have will been here too, or perhaps will in the future. Here is a blog about the beautiful island of Corfu:

Well worth a read!

Counting the Cost by Jemima Brigges

This is the second book of eight in “The Linmore Series”. The books are set in rural Shropshire at a time when the common man had few rights and women had none. Having read and enjoyed “Brothers at Arms”, the first book in the series, I couldn’t wait to start the second. “Counting the Cost” takes place in the same time period as the first book, but is cleverly told from a different angle, which I found intriguing.The characters are well-developed and there will be few readers who fail to fall in love with Nell, a foundling child. This is a heart-warming story, which gives a rare insight into the lives of women to whom kindness, honesty and friendship mean more than money and social class. I have already downloaded the next two books in the series and I am looking forward to reading them soon. As historical fiction is my favourite genre, these books are right up my street. : the linmore series

I hope you have enjoyed my newsletter and thank you for subscribing to my mailing list. Until next time, please take care and enjoy the lighter evenings and better weather.


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