The Angel Maker


Wonderful Family Saga

The saga continues in this, the second novel of the Hartford Manor series and a particularly dark story emerges as it progresses. Like the first, this is a gripping story following the lives of several characters and introducing new ones. The divide between the rich and poor, the privileged and those not so, is further explored as Robert Fellwood marries Annie Carter, and so the snobbery of the age it is set in, the 1880s, carries on. There is much to recommend in this book, the author’s obvious knowledge of the times comes across sharply, the place and setting, North Devon, and the story unfold seamlessly as the author easily gets into the minds of those she writes about.

1884 North Devon, England

When carpenter, Fred Carter, finds a young woman in dire straits by the roadside, he takes her to the local inn where she gives birth to a daughter. Charlotte Mackie is an unmarried mother and has run away from home where she would have no sympathy from her strict parents. A few days later, Fred takes Charlotte to her aunt’s house and does not expect to see her again.

When their paths unexpectedly cross, Fred finds Charlotte is distraught as her aunt has arranged an adoption behind her back. Charlotte is desperate to find her baby, and Fred promises to help. However, they are unprepared for the sinister discoveries that lay before them. Set alongside the absorbing detail of country life and budding village romances, dark forces are at work, which ultimately test the bravery and resourcefulness of the whole community.

The Angel Maker is the sequel to The Mazzard Tree and the second novel in a compelling series that follows the lives and loves of the villagers of Hartford. A rare treat for lovers of historical fiction.

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Did not want the book to finish. More please…

Carried on lovely from the first one. Enjoyed all of the characters. I also was born and live in North Devon so recognised the surroundings. I hope there will be book 3 to carry on the story.

A truly addictive read. I cannot wait for the sequel. How did Annie continue her life as a lady? Was she ever accepted by the Fellwood family?

What a lovely story! I enjoyed ‘The Angel Maker ‘ very much, and enjoyed learning about the ways of country folk in the 19th century. What a hard life people had. Marcia Clayton has a knack for getting into her character’s minds and bringing them to life. I would recommend both of her books to anyone who loves a good story with wonderful characters and a good knowledge of the times. Once again, “thank you, Marcia.”

Well worth five stars, and thoroughly enjoyed, I would strongly recommend this book to any lover of local North Devon history.

I couldn’t wait to start this book, and I wasn’t disappointed! The story carried on from the first book and just flowed, I loved all the characters, especially Sabina and Sam, and I’m looking forward to more stories from Hartford Manor! If you liked upstairs downstairs and Catherine Cookson books you’ll love this one! I would definitely recommend this book and I’ll definitely be looking out for Marcia Clayton’s books.