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Marcia Clayton writes historical fiction with a sprinkling of romance and mystery in The Hartford Manor Series, a heart-warming family saga that stretches from the Regency period through to Victorian times.

Hello and welcome to the Devon Maid Book Corner, my world of books and ramblings!

When I was a child, I often had to amuse myself as my siblings were several years older than me, and my arrival was something of a shock to my elderly parents. My favourite pastimes were writing stories and reading, and I adored the Enid Blyton books, particularly The Famous Five and The Adventure Series. These books established my love of literature which has remained with me to this day.

I was born in North Devon and am proud to be a Devon Maid – hence the title of my blog site. Over the years, I’ve been employed in various occupations, mainly to work around raising my three sons, Stuart, Paul and David. I’ve worked in banking and nursing, and for many years as the School Transport Manager for the local authority. Now retired, I spend a lot of my time writing historical fiction, but I also enjoy gardening, researching my family history, and walking in the lovely Devon countryside with Bryan, my husband of fifty-one years.

My blogs are about a variety of subjects, including walks I have enjoyed, places I have visited, and recipes I like to cook. There are also book reviews, interviews with other authors, and my monthly newsletter, which features my favourite book of the month.

I like to support and get to know other authors by inviting them to be interviewed or write guest posts on book launches, reviews, and anything connected to writing, so please get in touch if you would like to be featured.

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Since publishing my first book, The Mazzard Tree, I’ve taken part in a few interviews, cover competitions, and blog tours, etc.
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